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Whether you are a Fire House, Local Police Station, EMS Crew, or Local Government office communication with your personnel is vital. Anyone who has made initial entry into a raging residential structure fire with a hoseline can attest.  As can the Truck Company Crew conducting a dangerous primary search in an involved multi-family apartment complex.  Or the seasoned paramedic working a cardiac arrest in the back of an ambulance racing emergently to a nearby hospital.  These are the tactical moments where a breakdown in communication can be costly in terms of safety, time, and benchmarks.

A custom digital display board from Watchboard may hold the answer.  Watchboard works with emergency services software companies to create an informational clearing house by utilizing intuitive dashboards.

Digital Display Screens

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks Schedule

Display station duties so nothing gets lost. 

Burn Permits

Share important information like Burn Permits, real-time updates, and pass along important information. 

display announcements


Celebrate, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements.

Dispatch Alerts

Display updated traffic maps with address information and street level photos. 

Daily Schedule

Keep everyone up to date and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Emergency Weather Updates

Don’t get caught off guard by weather emergencies. 

How can Watchboard work for you?

Ways to integrate the digital dashboard into your day-to-day agency communication model

  • Operational Environment
  • Watchboard will display everything you need to raise the awareness of your workforce. Now, in the kitchen or dayroom, there is an active, live, and evolving display that directly affect operational issues
  • Weather for today: is it a Red Flag Day in the Wildland/Urban Interface, or are we facing a winter storm warning in a coastal location. Crews can manage and plan accordingly.
  • PulsePoint and Active911 give real time notifications of ongoing calls within your agency’s jurisdiction.

Administrative Environment

The clearing house concept for your administrative challenges at work; messaging can now be on point and direct without layers of forwarding and the consequential revisions that lead to confusion.

Integration of administrative programming already in place; PSTrax, ESO, Vector Solutions, Accreditation Reporting, and more.

watchboard integration partners

Real-Time Information

Road closures in a particular station’s first-in area?

Live traffic cameras can give visual updates and be shared with neighboring Stations or adjacent municipalities to manage their responses.

Watchboard uses scheduling integration of Telestaff or Vector Scheduling to better manage the administrative needs and payroll challenges of the workforce.

Watchboard digital displays create a habit of engagement; now Crews anticipate and expect to be updated.  The administrative tasks that can burden a workforce now experience less “falling through the cracks.”

Monitor Call Metrics

Review Automatic Aid updates and agreements

Where are we so far this year with call numbers? Answers are live and updated in real-time.

What are the hotspots today due to a major event? Call alerting gives up-to-the-minute updates on call surges.  They can be measured as anomalies or trends.

Track Call Metrics for Wellness Impacts

How does a 48/96 work schedule differ from a Volunteer Company workload?

Numbers can be tracked and recorded to benefit a key element of

Partnership and Cooperation:

  • Training events upcoming? See it here.
  • Updates to Building Inspection and Code Enforcement practices? Listed
    here in plain language.

Union and Administration collaborating on a contract proposal?

Use the Watchboard to evaluate the changes and schedule the vote.

Are you reliant on mutual aid?

Multiple agencies operating digital dashboards like Watchboard can share pertinent information and response or training goals.

Passdown between shifts

The important info that needs to be communicated from Shift to Shift can now be showcased.

Watchboard Offerings:

Round the Clock Access

Update your content from anywhere, anytime so that your agency’s members can have the latest and greatest information.

Your Watchboard is ALWAYS ON

Maximize exposure to your workforce, 24/7 & 365!

watchboard digital display boards for local governments city hall

Tailor the Content

Make your content optimally meaningful and relevant to your Department and reflective of its respective operational and administrative goals. 

Centralize your Data

Pull metrics, details, and records from multiple platforms and compile them into one place.

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