Solve Your Stations Communication Problems with Watchboard Digital Display Boards

watchboard digital displays

If you ask anyone involved in the Fire Service, one of the single greatest ongoing failures is Communication. Whether Professional Firefighters or Volunteer Fire Companies, common ground can be found by the consistent issues with poor communication.

Streamline Your Stations Communication with Watchboard Digital Display Boards

Of course, “Communication” encompasses a very, very broad spectrum when it comes to Fire Department Operations and Administration. Anyone who has made initial entry into a raging residential structure fire with a hoseline can attest. As can the Truck Company Crew conducting a dangerous primary search in an involved multi-family apartment complex. Or the seasoned paramedic working a cardiac arrest in the back of an ambulance racing emergently to a nearby hospital. These are the tactical moments where a breakdown in communication can be costly in terms of safety, time, and benchmarks.

Then, there is the Firefighter at the kitchen table. He or she is now inundated with communication from the Fire Department. And while it may not be a tactical moment as mentioned above, the information they are trying to receive and access may be just as important.

Department email, Sharepoint notifications, PS Trax Alerts, Vector Solutions assignment prompts, Microsoft Teams meeting invitations, Union mail blasts, phone calls from the Battalion Chief, texts from the Telestaff or Scheduling app… It can be mind-numbing, overwhelming, and unmanageable

The solution?

For your Agency, a custom digital display board from Watchboard may hold the answer. Watchboard works with emergency services software companies to create an informational clearing house by utilizing intuitive dashboards. Watchboard is part of the Family, which has served fire departments, EMS agencies, first responder groups, municipalities, and other governmental entities since 2001.

Now, those firefighters at the kitchen table can be immersed in up-to-the-minute content broadcast seamlessly. Suddenly, “drowning in data” can be leveraged to provide a centralized location to increase the awareness, and the capabilities, of the Fire Service workforce.

Communication in the Fire Service can be categorized into four major types: Verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. Each is equally important, and each takes their turn at the front of the line.

Watchboard is a key to promoting the visual aspect of the communication model. The information needed for the Crew, the Fire or EMS Company, of the Firehouse staff is now front-and-center capable.

What needs to be done today?

Mission-critical details are listed and available. Now, all are informed of live incidents, FD news and happenings, emerging events, updates to policy and procedure documents, and complete integration with all of the software programs currently employed by your agency; Active911, PulsePoint, Office365, GSuite, Social Media Platforms, and so many more.

Train on ladders, perform Code Enforcement, test hose and hydrants, attend live EMS classes, and more from that very same kitchen table. A deskless Firefighter workforce now has a place to gather essential information. Everything is streamlined to meet the unique needs of your individual Departments and combined with your existing documentation and record-keeping applications.


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