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A dynamic solution for elevating team engagement

Put the information your team needs front and center quickly. Our WatchBoard dashboard and intranet solutions streamline — and centralize — mission-critical details so they’re available when needed most. Keep everyone informed of live incidents, news, emerging events, policy updates, and more with checklists, videos, messaging, and more.


  • Complete software integration (e.g., Active911, Office 365, G Suite, ESRI, Facebook, and more!)
  • Customized to your color and layout preferences
  • Quick menus that make it easy to access and update your content from any location 24/7
  • Display options for public spaces to feature information you want to share with your community


  • Share zoned content relevant to individual departments
  • Share information across agencies
  • Send scheduled and live messages
  • Deliver real-time weather alerts and traffic maps
  • Post schedules and events
  • Feature photos and share videos (on-demand and scheduled)
  • Display certifications and other credentials
  • Announce important policy updates
  • Display your statistics, goals, and more
  • Showcase new staff and volunteers, anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions
  • Host video meetings (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

We Make It Easy For You!

Our intuitive dashboard and content management tools put you in control.

Round-the-Clock Access

Update your content from anywhere at any time so that your team and the agencies you communicate with have the latest information at all times.

Tailored Content

Make your content optimally meaningful and relevant. You can zone content, tailoring it to specific facilities, stations, locations, or agencies.

Maximal Exposure

Your WatchBoard dashboard is always on. Your on-site team and visitors can view your content 24/7 on your large display screens at your station or office.

Centralized Data

Software integrations pull data, key metrics, and details from multiple platforms into one place. No more worrying that info might fall through the cracks!

About WatchBoard

WatchBoard is part of the family, which has served fire departments, EMS, first responders, municipalities, and other agencies since 2001.

Founded in 2022, WatchBoard works with emergency services software companies, leveraging their APIs, to integrate their services into our intuitive dashboards. We deliver their data to your WatchBoard, allowing you to seamlessly broadcast up-to-date content throughout your organization and enhance your team’s awareness.

We provide our robust communications and collaboration solution to fire, police, and EMS Departments — and federal agencies — across North America, including all 50 states and Canadian provinces.

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